Google Duo One To One Video Calling App

 Google Duo Video Calling App By GOOGLE
Google has recently launched its new video calling App called Google Duo.
it is a simple video calling App availaible for Android and Ios users.this app makes 
one to one video calls between two android Devices and from android to iphone video calls
can be made.according to my views it is very simple to use any one can use it
simple easy to download and make video calls.their is no video confrecence in this app.
the quality is pretty good  hd quality calls are made between two devices.

Lets Start With Google DuoIt is a very simple app like other android and ios apps .to start your service with google duo 
you just need a working phone can make video  calls  once once google duo 
reaches your contact list  it will search for people in your  contact list who are availaible for video calls and using google duo.the best part of google duo is it does not require any email account   nor  any  google  account. Google  clearly  said  that it require  only a working phone number. and only  2 persons can  video chat  simultaneosuly .to  use google duo  you just need a working sim card along with a good internet connection like 3G/4G to make HD calls..

How Google Duo Works??The app is availaible for both android and ios users .you just need working sim card and a good internet connection.when you singup on google duo it will check your phone number
from your sim card  and sends you a conformation code which you have to enter while singup.after verifying its all done you are  ready to rock you can make video calls to your  
friends family members it will directly update your contact list it will link with you contact list.

Google has done a very good job by making this app very fast easy and reliable to can make video calls instantly to your friends and family members .it will work great in even slower internet connects and works excellent in 3G/4G/wifi connection depending on your bandwidth.if you are using slow internet Google Duo will reduce the resolution according to the Bandwidtch to keep the calling going smoothly.

Google DUO Interferance is Amazing ?

Duo is user friendly .you will see varius icons before you start a video calls and you can see your recent contacts on the list during the video calls you can see your self on the small tiny box their is no audio only option During a call you can see some icons to mute audio 
hangup and switch cameras you can change your cameras instantly by just tapping a change icon it will instantly change your camera primary/secondry.

According to us we think thats google duo is good video calling app between two devices it also works great in slower internet connection but it is not the best video calling does not provide video confrenceing between devices only 2 devices can work at a same time but it still agood video calling app and amazing video quality.

Ihope you like this if you have any problem with google Duo app 
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Author: 3Gzone