How To Earn Money Online

How To Earn Money Online with Your computer/pc

3GZone  presents you the best 100% working trick to eran online with you just need a computer to earn money online with a normal internet connection speed up to 1-2mbps.

The best simple way to earn money using pc is Gomez peer.
Gomez peer is the best way to earn online lakhs of users are earning using gomez.we are also using gomez peer the best part is you have to do nothing and you will get paid.

What is Gomez peer????

Gomez peer is a company which gives you money for  installing their software on your pc in easy simple steps follow the steps given below.

  How Gomez Peer Works?????

You have to do nothing you have to just singup to gomez goin there website.and you have to give your personal details your paypal/bank account details.gomez peer will send you money in your paypal/bank account.
After singup to gomez peer you have to download their Peer  software which is about 135mb.

 What Is Peer Software?????

Peer software is Program designed by gomez have to simply install this software in your pc .
after installing you have to enter your user name and wait for the software to contact the peer servers and its done .

How Peer software Works???

peer software actually takes your free ram.bandwidth to test website performances.all the process will be in baground nothing will be happen to your pc or your files it will only test website is 100% secure.

How peer software Looks like ???


It looks like this It will show all you details how much you have Earned how much time you are online machine name your world wide score and many more.

 Earnings proofs ??????

Yes we have earning proofs also gomez peer is 100% true company it really pays you for using gomez peer software.the only company which pays you for being online..(See below for proofs)


We provide you only geniune tricks which works 100% for all.
no copy wright content are there in ouw website.we provide premium tricks accounts with proofs.

Singup tO gomez peer open this link:-Gomez Peer

To download gomez peer software:- Peer Software


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