iOS 10 Update For iphone

                         NEW IOS 10

Today Apple is Releasing the new Ios 10 To its apple users all those who have apple ipads and apple iphone can now update there phone  to new  ios 10  from 13 september 2016 many improvements will be there in the ios performance of your device will be increased.


Users will get a pop up windows in there mobile screen when they switch on there internet connection. you will get the update message until you update your system to new ios 10 iphone 6/6 plus 5se ipad users can update your phone but if you are an old iphone user like iphone 4s so don’t update your phone it will decrease you performance only new device users will see some performance improvements.


                                There will be so many new Features in the new ios 10. 


Some features of new ios 10 are New imessege app’Digital touch” you will get some 
pretty new design new looks new themes and new emoji along with new stickers and new gifts.
Battery life will be increased in with the new ios 10 now you will get extra battery life and 
improvements in the 3D touch new apps will be supported improvements in apps
music app will be changed there will be new bedtime mode in your clock on ios 10.
you can download the new ios from today update will popup in your screen anytime as it rools out so get ready for the new update  update it use it enjoy.
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