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KJ Laser Micromachining is dedicated to meet the highest requirements on finishing quality and lead time, while being able to provide its customers competitive low-cost manufacturing solutions.Project Galleries · Contact Us · Automotive · Request a Quote · Capabilities · Seals & Gaskets

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Laser Micromachining Polymers: Kapton, Cirlex, PEEK, Polystyrene, PMMA, Polycarbonate, PTFE, Mylar and more. Type of polymer being micromachined and its absorption spectrum are critical in determining the optimal laser source to use.

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Laser Micromachining Ltd. supplies high-quality, fast turnaround sub-contract laser manufacturing services, enabling the rapid and cost-effective development of micro-products. Using the latest custom-built tools, LML specialises in providing a wide range of product development solutions.

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Laser Light Technologies is dedicated to manufacturing services and systems that meet the specialized demands of medical devices, life sciences, and microelectronics. We offer laser-based contract manufacturing and custom laser systems to clients all around the globe.

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A-Laser offers micromachining services by utilizing high-accuracy lasers with multiple laser wavelengths to tackle any complex application.

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Sub-Contract Laser Micromachining. Dedicated laser micro machining facilities for feasibility trials, R&D, process development, sub-contract manufacture. Applications. Our systems are used worldwide in a variety of industries to process and manufacture high technology parts and features.

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Laser Light Technologies’ picosecond micromachining systems deliver optimal efficiency, are available in multiple configurations, and meet stringent industry

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PhotoMachining, Inc. is the world leader in the innovative technology that makes precision laser micromachining of otherwise unmachinable parts and materials a routine job. We proudly bring together the most skillful, experienced and talented people in the industry to …

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About Us LML is a completely independent, employee-owned company which prides itself on acting openly and ethically in all its interactions with customers. The ethos of the business, enacted by all LML staff, is to work diligently for the mutual benefit of LML and its clients.

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Laser micromachining is a laser enabled process used to make micrometer scale features in materials. A pulsed laser deposits finite amounts of energy into a material for precise and reproducible material removal enabling the laser machining process to cut, scribe, drill, or ablate a material.

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Laser Micromachining MLT specializes in laser micro machining and micro-manufacturing services with an emphasis on precision, small parts (< .125″ thickness) that require exceptional edge quality and close tolerances to 5um.

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The microSTRUCT™ laser systems are highly flexible laser micromachining system predominantly used in product development and applied research. Superior flexibility makes the systems ideally suited for laser structuring, cutting, drilling and welding applications on a variety of substrates.

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KJ Laser Micromachining is currently equipped with 12 lasers from single mode CO2- and Nd:YAG lasers to third harmonic UV lasers. KJ Laser Micromachining is proud of having several second (532 nm) and third harmonic (355 nm) solid state lasers for the clean and heat damage-free machining of plastics (e.g. polyimide Kapton) and semiconductor materials.

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Laser micromachining delivers a range of precision laser processes for laser drilling, micro drilling, micro hole drilling, laser cutting, micro cutting, laser milling, laser micro milling, laser welding and surface treatments that apply to precision micro machining and micro engineering requirements across a wide range of industries.

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Laser micromachining is the generic term for a process used to make tiny features in parts - measured in micrometers or millimeters. Pulsed lasers effectively complete this work by depositing very small, finite amounts of energy into a material, resulting in extremely precise and reproducible material removal.

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wophotonics› ProductsLaser micromachining workstation for laboratory FemtoLAB is the best solution for scientific laboratories. Equipped with high accuracy linear positioning stages, high performance galvanometer scanners and versatile micromachining software SCA, FemtoLAB becomes an entire laser laboratory on an optical table.

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Miniaturization is a clear trend today and the accuracy of features is becoming even more crucial. GF Machining Solutions offer a new class of high-precision Laser micromachining platforms ideal for the medical device manufacturing industry.

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Laser micromachining, also known as laser plating or laser milling, is an accurate material ablation process at micron level. It is a form of laser processing in which the material to be processed is transferred from solid to gaseous in a very short pulse duration.

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Fabrication. The fabrication of these devices is usually done by two techniques, surface micromachining and bulk micromachining.To do bulk micromachining, the region needed is highly doped with boron and the unwanted silicon is etched in liquid silicon etches.Fabrication·

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We are experienced laser drilling, laser cutting, laser micromachining products supplier and factory in China, we can offer you customized high quality laser drilling, laser cutting, laser micromachining. If you are interested in our laser drilling, laser cutting, laser micromachining …

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lenoxlaser› ServicesOur laser micromachining technicians will assist with choice of material and laser system to get the job done in an efficient manner. Using the latest and most advanced technology we are able to work with very low tolerances, high volume of features and a diverse range of laser wavelengths.

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